Courage C41

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Laguna Seca 1997

Courage C41 @ Laguna Seca Finale 1997Well, we are back to big splitters.  Notice it's anhedral.

Courage C41 @ Laguna Seca Finale 1997Big wing endplates too for Laguna Seca's higher downforce requirements.

The C41, while raced in the U.S., was in and out of various team's hands (hence the different liveries seen).  That in and of itself contributed to the seemingly randomness of solutions to solve the C41's problem and the subsequent lack of success. 

The C41 continued to live.  Courage developed a variant called the C51 and debuted it at Le Mans in 1998.  Considered a psuedo-factory effort, It was powered by the Nissan VRH35L 3.5 liter twin-turbo V8 (a derivative of Nissan's Group C motor).  The C51 ran as high as third at Le Mans until it succumbed to gearbox failure (Race Car Engineering V8N7). 

In 1999 Courage entered two Nissan powered C52s, a further derivative of the C51, one of which was officially entered as a 'Nissan C52'.  Henri Pescarolo also fielded a Porsche engined C51-4.  All three Courages finished in the top ten, the two Nissan C52s in 6th and 8th place, the Pescarolo C51 in 9th.  1999 was Courage's 18th year in a row competing at Le Mans (Race Car Engineering V9N7). 

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