2002 Courage C60 Evo.

Images copyright and courtesy Rick Wilson of Maison Blanche, Dirk de Jager of Ferrari Photo.net and Juha Kivekas
Text copyright Michael J. Fuller

A very interesting endplate/wing support interpretation.  The ACO rules state that the wing supports can't be any more than 165 cm apart, so de Cortanze has simply narrowed the wing to 165 cm and created an integrated endplate/wing support to get around the endplate rule (max endplate size 40 cm long x 15 cm tall viewed in elevation). The Courage is giving up some 35 cm of wing area (assuming the wing was to the 200 cm max), but obviously they've potentially gained that back with the large endplates (deep endplates act as span increase aerodynamically). Note the horizontal strake at the tail of the car.
Interestingly enough, during the Le Mans Test Days, Courage also experimented with a full width wing.
The Courage ran in the race with the wing extensions.
The Courage, here running in FIASCC configuration (note the faux full-width roll over hoop), reverted to a more conventional wing, doing away with the deep endplates.

©Copyright 2002, Michael J. Fuller