2003-2004 Courage C60

Images copyright and courtesy Bob Chapman @ Autosport Image, Jérôme Mugnier, and Olivier Trocherie
Text copyright Michael J. Fuller

The 2003 Courage C60 takes rear wing endplate rules interpretation one step further.
First seen at the Estoril FIASCC event, Pescarolo's C60 has taken the Audi and Riley & Scott rear wing endplate interpretations one step further.  On the Audi R8s, the "bodywork extension" comes up to, but doesn't quite touch the postage-stamp sized (40 cm x 15 cm)  wing endplate.  On the MkIIIC, there is a very slight overlap between the small legal endplate and the large endplate.  Its important to note that on both the Audi and R&S, the bodywork extensions have only been 40 cm (horizontally) long, matching the length of the legal endplates.  Andre de Cortanze has simply created an endplate as large as he needed and the legal endplate literally fits inside of the large endplate (see image below). 
An excellent detail shot showing how the legal 40 cm x 15 cm endplate slots into the larger endplate.
The endplate curves in forward profile.
For 2004 the Courage C60's rear wing has been reduced in span to 1.8 meters in width in order to comply with the new regulations.
As displayed at the Le Mans Test Days, the endplates attach to the fender instead of to the horizontal dive plane.
Pescarolo had one more trick up his sleeve and appeared at Le Mans scrutineering '04 with a further iteration of the wing endplate/narrow rear wing.
The attaching piece connecting the narrow rear wing and endplate proper to the tall endplate at the maximum width is clearly wing shaped though note it consists of two curves that are parallel, they do not intersect into a trailing edge.  So the device isn't a wing per the regulations, but it does have a wing profile.  Devices having a wing profile are only regulated by being denied forward of the front wheel centerline and aft and below the rear wheel centerline.  So in theory one could put a wing profiled device anywhere on the car as long as it wasn't in the denied areas.  Why not use one as your attaching element between the narrow '04 wing and the deep endplate?

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