2003-2004 Courage C60

Images copyright and courtesy Bob Chapman @ Autosport Image and Dirk de Jager
Text copyright Michael J. Fuller

For 2003 the C60's front brake ducts reverted to a more traditional position beneath the raised nose.  This position had been anticipated in the original updated design from last year (why else the raised nose protruding forward with nothing underneath?).  Recall last year the front brake intakes were mounted on the inboard face of the front fenders.  Note that the '03 C60 ran a wider front splitter running all the way outboard.  In 2002 the splitter ended at the outboard extent of the fender.

The high downforce nose fender has a different outboard shape and which allows for room for a set of large dive planes.  The nose can switched back and forth between this fender shape and standard via a simple insert.
The standard nose fender with a standard-sized set of dive planes.
The high downforce nose with diveplanes.
Cortanze finally adopted a pontoon fender tapering behind the front wheel for the C60.

©Copyright 2003, Michael J. Fuller