2005 Pescarolo Courage C60 Hybrid

Images copyright and courtesy David Legangneux and Michael J. Fuller
Text copyright Michael J. Fuller

The '05 C60's rear end aerodynamics.  The rear wing is now only 300 mm in chord length per '05 regulations and its trailing edge can be no more than 750 mm from the rear wheel centerline.  Shown here at Le Mans 2005.

The endplates mount to the mandatory side structures.
The Pescarolo C60 ran a new rear wing at the 2005 Silverstone LMES race.  David Legangneux reported that according to Pescarolo, the wing makes equal downforce for less drag than the previous assembly.  David continues, "The development before Silverstone was done with  Henri Pescarolo at the wheel at the Evreux military air base, then on the Bugatti circuit a few days before the Silverstone race."
The very highly cambered rear bodywork.

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