2000 Courage C60

Images copyright and courtesy James Davies and Juha Kivekas
Text copyright Michael J. Fuller

The Courage C60 has a pretty straight forward front end.  Note the large crash structure as mandated by the rules.  The crash box is raised to provide a place for the brake cooling intakes.  The entire footbox is raised to provide space for the diffuser upsweep.  This picture is of the Judd engined variant that ran at Le Mans 2000. 
Close up of the splitter spar. 
Looking underneath the car at the start of the flat bottom.  The diffuser sweeps either side of the monocoque, a divider splitting the air left and right.  Note the wire mesh.  ACO rules decree that a 10 mm wire mesh must cover any opening where a mechanical part of the car can be viewed. 

©Copyright 2001, Michael J. Fuller