2003-2005 Courage C65

Images copyright and courtesy Bob Chapman @ Autosport Image and Jérôme Mugnier
Text copyright Michael J. Fuller

The 2003 Courage C65 was a relatively conventional LMP675 chassis sharing many bodywork cues from its C60 sibling.  Ultimately the car had always been designed with 2004 chassis regulations in mind.
Rear brake duct intakes were incorporated into the rear fender.
The C65's tubs is based on the Courage C60's.
Here we see the raised tub/footbox and the sculpted tub underside.
Shown here with the AER turbo I4 (MG) power plant installed.  At Le Mans 2003 the Willman/JPX 120 degree normally aspirated 3.4 liter V6 was installed in the Courage Competition chassis.

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