2003-2005 Courage C65

Images copyright and courtesy Bob Chapman @ Autosport Image
Text copyright Michael J. Fuller

Evident in this image is the mandated underbody chamfer that starts just past the front wheels and continues to the rear of the car.  The chamfer reduces yaw instability.
The C65's raised splitter center section is obvious in this picture.  The splitter must be raised 50 mm off the reference plane for a 1000 mm width.
The height of the rear wing determines the gap between the bottom of the endplate and the side plate coming up from the chamfer structure. The endplate size remained fixed while the chassis raced in '04 with the wing height being the method for reducing drag and downforce as the situation called for.
For 2004 the rear wing chord is allowed a maximum of 300 mm.  Note the higher position available for the rear wing (set of holes in endplate).  The shortened chord (previously 400 mm for LMP900) makes for a less efficient rear wing.

©Copyright 2004, Michael J. Fuller