2001-2002 Crawford SSC2K

Images courtesy and copyright Photos @ Vector Trust and Pat Michl
Text copyright Michael J. Fuller

One of the primary areas of concentration on the SSC2K was under body downforce as there are more substantial gains to be found underneath the car than on top. Shown here, inconspicuously tucked away, is the Crawford's extensive nose diffuser. 
No less than six strakes adorned the center section of the diffuser. 
On scene reporting relayed that the nosebox/splitter module was mounted to the chassis without the use of any tools.  Instead, quick release brackets, such as those used in F1 to mount the front nose/wing assembly, are utilized.  The advantages are many, especially in the repair of crash damage. 
Detail changes to the nose diffuser appeared on the '02 revisions.  The management of the air underneath was altered with the apperance of this small diffuser exiting ahead of the front wheel.  One can imagine the rest of the front underbody being altered as well.

©Copyright 2002, Michael J. Fuller