2001-2005 Dallara LMP

Images copyright and courtesy Juha Kivekas, Lorens Lin and Pat Michl
Text copyright Michael J. Fuller

Fontana Grand-Am, 2002The Dallara's nose diffuser and front end assembly.
Watkins Glen Grand-Am, 2002The Doran Dallara front nose diffuser, Watkins Glen 2002.
Le Mans 2002Le Mans 2002, note the additional channel differentiating itself from the diffuser seen above. 
Fontana Grand-Am 2002Here we can see that the diffuser's strakes terminate at the front wheel centerline, where the flat bottom starts.
Le Mans 2002Le Mans 2002: new splitter addition.  The extension was required due to a change in the rear overhang (rear wing forward).  In this case the splitter extension is more in lieu to rules compliance than additional splitter area (performance gain).  Though I would imagine there would be some additional grip felt by the partial width extension.
Le Mans 2002Note the obvious new shape to the brake ducts, but also the lip that flares into the brake duct opening.

©Copyright 2004, Michael J. Fuller