2001-2005 Dallara LMP

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Sebring 2005The 3.0 liter, twin-turbo Nissan V6 installation in Rollcentre Racing's Dallara LMP, Sebring 2005.  While plagued with engine management issues at the Sebring meeting, it ran strongly until gearbox issues took the car out of the running. 
Sebring 2005The engine comes out of Nismo's (Nissan Motorsports) JGTC division.
Le Mans 2005At Le Mans 2005 the 3.0 liter Nissan was bumped up in capacity to 3.6 liters.
Sebring 2005At Sebring Martin Short very proudly pointed out to me the piece of cooper tubing sourced personally by him from a local Sebring boat yard and used to protect a turbo intake pressure sensor.  Very thrifty of you Mr. Short!
Sebring 2005The semi-automatic paddle shift system.
Sebring 2005The semi-automatic control unit resides next to the gearbox.
Sebring 2005Close up of said unit.

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