Daytona 24 1999

January 28th, 29th, 30th and 31st

Downing/Atlanta Racing Report
#62 Trench-Shoring Mazda-Kudzu DLM 3-Rotor
#63 NEC Mazda-Kudzu DLY 4-Rotor

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Chris Ronson crosses the line in the Mazda Kuzu DLY, Daytona 1999, Copyright Mike Fuller 1999

Broken Kudzu DLY 4th gear shift forkAt around 5am this moring (January 31), the DLY came in with it's gearbox stuck in 4th.  It turned out that the 4th gear shift fork had broken necessitating that the failed part be replaced (see image).  This was the turning point of our race and the time and positions lost we were unable to make up. 

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