2000 Dome-Goh BMW V12 LM

Images courtesy Dome and John Machaqueiro

Text copyright Michael J. Fuller
The Japanese race car manufacturer Dome has been quite busy recently, completely modifying Team Goh's '99 BMW V12 LM.  Major changes include a reworked front end incorporating brand new cooling architecture as well as a redesigned engine induction system. The car now has a more conventional air box.  The changes up front work to generate more top side downforce.  The area either side of the cockpit has been freed up with the moving of the induction system.  The result is slightly less frontal area in that area.  But the net frontal area may be a slight increase due to the addition of the airbox. 

According to Dome the new bodywork reduces drag by 5% and increases downforce 10%.  The results have been confirmed in testing at Fuji, telemetry indicating a downforce increase between 10 and 15%.  Top speed has increased substantially as well.  At the Fuji event in '99, top speed was 308 km/h (191 mph).  This has increased to 322 km/h (200 mph).

BMW V12 LM, 1999 Le Mans 24BMW V12 LM, 1999 Le Mans 24
Sculpting leading out of the front wheel well exit has been altered to improve air evacuation out the wheel well and front underbody diffuser. This modification frees up plan area and creates a true horizontal side splitter (yellow hash marks).  The front and rear wheel arches have been slightly resculptured and, in addition, the rear wing now sports the ACO mandated endplate.
BMW V12 LM, 1999 Le Mans 24BMW V12 LM, 1999 Le Mans 24
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