2001-2003 Dome S101

Images courtesy and copyright Bob Chapman @ Autosport Image and Juha Kivekas, Dirk de Jager, and Pat Michl
Text copyright Michael J. Fuller

Le Mans 2001Spied at Le Mans 2001.  Note the transition from horizontal to the angled diffuser section (highlighted by rubbing marks on the horizontal section).  Most contemporary nose diffusers seem to be flat section with angled transition (from horizontal splitter to angled diffuser) as opposed to a smooth blended transition.  Six diffuser strakes are laid out out-board of the central diffuser section with no strakes in the center section itself.
Le Mans 2002Nothing has changed for 2002.
Petit Le Mans 2002Road Atlanta 2002.  The inboard most strake appears higher than the other two strakes.  Also note the cross section of the leading edge has a very tight radius (second yellow arrow).  The tight radius reduces pitch sensitivity if reducing absolute downforce somewhat.
Spa 2003Spa 2003.  The strake arrangement in the front diffuser has changed substantially with the straight running strakes gone from the center section replaced by a high camber strake outboard of centerline.  Two smaller and opposite cambered strakes lie close to the front wheel.

©Copyright 2003, Michael J. Fuller