1994-2003 Ferrari 333 SP

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Ferrari 333 SP, Petit Le Mans 1998 The Ferrari's water radiators are mounted nearly horizontal and ahead of the front wheel centerline, and exhausted either side of the cockpit opening.  A splitter heads the water radiators, the underside of which forms the front diffuser.  The brake ducts are either side of the main inlet.
Ferrari 333 SP, Daytona 1997The Ferrari's diffuser forms two channels either side of the tub.  Note the strakes in the diffuser section. 
Ferrari 333 SP, Daytona 1997The underbody airflow splits at the horizontal lip which demarcates the beginning of the flat bottom.  Originally on the 333 SP, the flat bottom started well behind the front wheel centerline.  At the 1998 Petit Le Mans, the Doyle Risi Ferrari was made to comply with the ACO rule and bring the flat bottom forward to the front wheel centerline.  Part of the airflow exits out the top of the car, part goes into the side pod to the heat exchanger (on cars that had closed off the side intake for the oil coolers and opted for a heat exchanger instead), and part continues down the bottom of the car.
Ferrari 333 SP, Road Atlanta 1996The top exit expels air from the radiator while the bottom primarily, though not exclusively, expels air from the front diffuser.
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