1994-2003 Ferrari 333 SP

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Ferrari 333 SP, Daytona Test 1998Daytona alway posed multiple chassis setup options for 333 SP teams as the track's long straights belied the very tight infield. 

Here we have the definitive low-drag Ferrari with the Le Mans single element "Banana" wing with large gurney and very small endplates, short splitter, and with fully opened front fender louvers.  

The side radiator
inlet (oil coolers) that was traditionally located in the vertical face of the side pod between the front and rear wheels has been deleted and the oil cooled via heat exchangers instead (a common modification in practice here and below).  Team Scandia Engineer Jeff Braun recalls, "...we used one heat exchanger for the oil in the same location as the oil cooler.  As the water lines had to run from the front (and then back) to the engine they passed right past the oil cooler location, so we replaced one with a heat exchanger and ran the cool water through it to cool the oil."  Interestingly Braun adds, "... as the program (333 SP) went forward we were gifted restrictors and (then) more restrictors to slow us down, so power output was way down from (the) original design and thus heat rejection was lower."
Ferrari 333 SP, Daytona Test 1999Single element wing with large gurney, deep endplates, medium length splitter, and fully open front fender louvers.
Ferrari 333SP, Daytona Race 1999Double element rear wing with flap at a very high angle of attack and no gurney, medium sized endplates, dorsal fin.
Ferrari 333 SP, Daytona Test 1998Double element wing, medium size endplates, medium length splitter, and front fender louvers.
Ferrari 333 SP, Daytona Race 1998Very deep endplates, double element rear wing, short splitter, dorsal fin, no front fender louvers, revised side panel and more aggressive front wheel well exiting.
Ferrari 333 SP, Daytona Test 1997Single element "Banana" wing with medium endplates and short Le Mans splitter, "Southgate" side inlet panels,  no front fender louvers, raised side pod profile between the front and rear wheels, and tighter fitting rear wheel arch profile (full circumference).
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