1994-2003 Ferrari 333 SP

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Ferrari 333 SP, Road Atlanta 1996The double wishbone front suspension mounts to the sides of the tub. Pushrods mounted to the lower A-arm actuate the spring/dampers mounted on the top of the monocoque. The anti-roll bar is attached to the front of the tub and picks up the bellcranks via long pushrods.

Ferrari 333 SPRace engineer Jeff Braun was instrumental in adapting a hydraulic third spring to the Ferrari 333 SPs.  Here we see the third spring mounted vertically in the center of the monocoque.  The third spring worked by helping maintain ride height control as the aero load increased without effecting car handling.  It effectively allowed the car to be set up with much lower front ride heights in search of better front grip and more overall downforce without having to worry about high speed flutter and porposing.  Jeff Braun, "It was the key to making the car work at Le Mans".

Ferrari 333 SP, Daytona Race 1998Power is delivered through the Ferrari designed cast aluminum gearbox/bellhousing. The engine oil reservoir resides in the forward section of the gearbox/bellhousing. Hewland internals fill the sequentially activated 5-speed 'box. The rear double wishbone suspension hang directly off the gearbox.  As at the front, pushrods mounted to the lower A-arm actuate the gearbox mounted spring/dampers.

Daytona Test 1997Close up of rear pushrod, bell crank, and coil spring/damper, as well as anti-roll bar.  The anti-roll bar passes through the top of the gearbox and is actuated via the pushrods seen rotating off of the bellcrank.
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