1998-1999 Toyota GT-One

Images courtesy and copyright Martin Spetz
Text copyright Michael J. Fuller

Toyota GT-OneThe deep endplates help generate more downforce (for a small drag penalty).  The cut-out in the lower leading edge of the endplate helps increase the local low pressure side's air flow by encouraging more flow volume to travel underneath the wing rather than outboard of the endplate.
Toyota GT-OneThe shape of the rear fender also encourages air to flow in between the endplate and the fender.  The endplate is dished out towards its trailing edge.  Note the shaping of the trailing edge of the rear fender, how its outboard shape draws inboard quickly past the wheel.
Toyota GT-OneNote the gurney along most of the height of the endplate trailing edge.  The gurney, combined with the shaping of the trailinge edge of the rear fender, further encourages airflow inboard.
ęCopyright 2012, Michael J. Fuller