2003-2004 Lister Storm LMP

Images copyright and courtesy Bob Chapman @ Autosport Image, Jérôme Mugnier, and David Legangneux
Text copyright Michael J. Fuller

The Lister's rear wing endplates follow the lead started by Audi and Courage last year. 
At the Le Mans test days the 2004 the Lister LMP appeared with a narrow rear wing (180 cm maximum) as part of the equivalency rules for '03 LMP/LMGTP900 to '04 LMP 1 & 2.
Note the reduction in span and the removal of the deep endplate.
At Le Mans '04 the deep endplate reappeared.  Lister utilized the Audi wing to endplate mounting solution but added a twist with how they mounted the bottom of the endplate to rear bodywork.
The elements anchoring the bottom of the endplate were clearly wing shaped.  Devices having a wing profile are only regulated by being denied forward of the front wheel centerline and aft and below the rear wheel centerline.

©Copyright 2004, Michael J. Fuller