2000-2005 Lola B2K/40

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The duct in front of the rear wheel is interesting.  It is interesting because it doesn't feed any sort of cooler directly.  So what's its primary purpose then?  This duct takes air in to fill in the base area behind the car thereby reducing drag.  The bodywork "coke bottles" in around the engine and gearbox.
Looking forward with the gearbox removed.  The ducts tuck inside the rear wheels.  Various minor cooling duties are performed by the ducts (brakes, engine bay ventilation), but their primary purpose is aerodynamic.
Petit Le Mans 2004An interesting detail on the Intersport B2K/40 is the increased chord of the roll over hoop structure fairing.
Petit Le Mans 2004While orginally designed for the SR2 category which forbade rear diffusers, 4 years on and the current LMP2 comeptitors have resorted to adding on rear diffuers in search of more performance.

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