1998-2000 Lola B98/10

Images courtesy and copyright Mike Ducharme and Michael J. Fuller
Text copyright Michael J. Fuller

Looking underneath the car we can see how the Lola's undertray separates the air left and right.  The air is then ducted into the side pod where it feeds the car's coolers.  Note that the B98/10 did not have a rasied nose. 
A proper close up of the undertray.
You can see how the undertray is built, how the nose box integrates with the undertray.  Also you get a good view of how the air from underneath the car (yellow arrow) is directed into the sidepod via the large diffuser.  Through the course of the 1998 season the cooling arrangement proved marginal.  Lola even admited as much when describing improvements for the follow on B2K/10, "The cooling system [for the B2K-10] will be developed to provide increased water and oil cooling at elevated ambient temperatures for stock block engines".

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