M & S Hobbies' 1/24 1989 Porsche 962 Transkit

Image copyright Alex Nahooy and Joachim Kutt
Text copyright Michael J. Fuller

The M & S kit's uses the floor donated from the Tamiya 962C.  And while the templates calls out the reduced length, the trailing edge height of the actual car 's floor is much higher than the standard 962C (as depicted in Tamiya's kit) with the floor well clearing the drive shafts. 
The trailing edge of the kit's intercooler duct isn't as tapered and is missing the teardrop shaped turbo cooling exit duct as shown here.  Also note that the NACA duct and the turbo cooling exit duct are off center (left justified) to the intercooler duct.

ęCopyright 2006, Michael J. Fuller