M & S Hobbies' 1/24 scale 1993 Toyota Eagle MkIII

Image copyright Ryan Hicks and Michael J. Fuller
Text copyright Michael J. Fuller

The parallel tunnels are at odds with the bellmouth nature of the actual car (below).
Image from Katz's book Race Car AerodynamicsLooking aft, the  gearbox hump is in the middle and flanked by (in this case) two sets of turning vanes (long and short ones which is different than the images below which show only a short TV).
This shows what the planform profile should look like.  One additional detail is that the trailing edge of the area of the underfloor that covers the gearbox should be trimmed back (to about the point of the drive shaft).  There's a surprisingly large amount of the gearbox that is exposed to the underbody airflow.
Also note how much of the rear upright detail that can be seen.  Note the single pair of short TVs.
Toyota Eagle MkIII, sketch by Mike FullerThis gives a good idea to what the front diffuser looked like and how it exited out the front wheel well.  The MkIII was the first car that exited the air from its front diffuser in this manner and really led the way to the aerodynamic potential for this area of the car.
Basically this area needs to be blended back removing the initial vertical.

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ęCopyright 2008, Michael J. Fuller