2001-2004 Riley & Scott MkIIIC

Images copyright and courtesy Doug Koza, Patrick Michl, and Andrew Wong
Text copyright Michael J. Fuller

The R&S MkIIIC as it initially appeared.
By Mosport '01 the splitter had evolved into a very stout section with slim outer splitter sections either side of the nose.
At Petit 2001 there was a further modification to the nose bodywork.  Vertical indentions either side of the radiator intake were additional proof of the search for front end grip.  Note also the dive planes.
The reason for the very thick splitter is that on the MkIIIC the splitter does double duty acting as the car's crash structure.  This is a very interesting solution as the splitter itself has to be rather stout to avoid transverse flexion under load.  So in this case the splitter has been beefed up even further and then also utilized as the car's mandatory crash structure.
Petit Le Mans 2002.  The splitter now was the beefy cross section across the entire width.  Also note the modified and relocated engine intake and the cleaner driver protection surround.
ęCopyright 2001, Michael J. Fuller