1999 Rafanelli-Riley & Scott MkIII

Images courtesy and copyright Chris Abele and Earl Cook
Text copyright Michael J. Fuller

The beautiful longtail.  Note the rear fender shape and the deep endplate.
Detail picture of the modification of the leading edge of the rear fender (compare to above image).  Rafanelli filled in the transition from the standard "abrupt" fender to something more gradual.  Initially Rafanelli's group simply molded fill caps to create their new shape.  Some what crude, but still less expensive than creating actual molds.
The endplate evolved from its first appearance at Sebring of '99.  The top notch adds an energizing flow to the top side of the wing.  The air flowing down the side of the endplate wants to flow into the area created by the notch.  It then helps by revitalizing the air on the inside of the endplate, especially in the slot gap area between the rear wing main plane and secondary flap.

©Copyright 2003, Michael J. Fuller