2004 Nasamax DM139

Images copyright and courtesy Bob Chapman @ Autosport Image
Text copyright Michael J. Fuller

The Nasamax DM139 began life as a Reynard 2KQLM LMP900, chassis #006.  Chassis and bodywork-wise it was an up-to-date box-stock 2KQLM.
This car first appeared at Sebring in '03 and was then powered by an ethanol fueled Cosworth Champ Car, turbo, 2.65L, V8.
The entire engine installation was essentially removed from a Reynard Champ Car and plopped into the Nasamax-Reynard chassis.  Any of you familiar with the Champ car installation will immediately recognize the exhaust header bags
The turbo is fed via the exhaust headers on the left and right hand sides of the engine, the single turbo actually resides within the bellhousing.  The left and right hand exhaust banks meet to a common join in the center of the bellhousing to spin the turbo.  In this image, the pipe coming out the center of the side of the bellhousing is the exhaust proper.  The pipe leading out of the top of the bellhousing comes off the turbo and feeds into the plenum on top of the engine.

ęCopyright 2004, Michael J. Fuller