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Mulsanne's Corner NEWS isn't meant to be THE source for up to date news items.  Instead what we are doing is providing an archive for information collected through out the Net related to new car developments.  Occasionally we do post first hand gathered items, but most of the time it is news from secondary sources such as or Autosport.  We will provide all sources for any news item shown here.

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February 2003
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David Legangneux copyright>>David Legangneux was present at the Courage C65 shake down and passes on news and images:

"The new Courage C65, with the AER engine, has run today for the first time at 10.35 am. The driver for these first laps was a surprise : David Hallyday. So the regional TV was present as well as other media, more than for a normal shakedown.

The Courage C65 was completely painted in red. There was only small differences with the C60 : front headlights, air intakes for the rear brakes at a different position, a single air intake for the turbocharger...

David Legangneux copyrightThe car was back in the pits at the end of the first lap. It seems there was a problem with Hallyday's license with the french federation... Six laps were completed during the morning at a slow speed. The sky was gray, temperature around 8°C (46.5°F), no rain, but the track was a little wet, drying.

During the afternoon, more laps were completed, faster but still slow. It was raining all afternoon. Hallyday made two spins. At the middle of the afternoon, unfortunately, he had an accident in a straight line, damaging the car. I don't know exactly how the problem happened. But the session was

The second C65 is already in building. It will be powered by the JPX-IES engine."

>>Andy Thorby has sent along these photos from Jerez:
>>Andy Thorby passes on this Lister update from Jerez testing:

"We were very encouraged. But we had a minor, but difficult to resolve away from base, engine issue which meant we didn't do the miles we had hoped.  Regarding the rear wing endplate extensions, they weren't on because they weren't ready! There are a number of other aero parts which were missing at Jerez but which will be fitted for Sebring."

>>2004 ACO/FIA chassis rules released.  These are just the highlights:

-Art 3.5.2,Spec. tunnel/diffuser
-Art 3.4.1, revisions some what limiting "formula" style pontoon fenders
-Art 3.5.4, raised front splitter (50 mm height across 1000 mm)
-Art 3.5.6, 20 mm "plank"
-Art 3.6.3 b.1, rear wing box 300 mm x 150 mm (previously 400 mm x 150 mm)
-Art 3.6.3 d, deep endplates
-Art 4, LMP675 now LMP750
-Art 16.1.2, symmetrical roll over structures for open top cars

>>2004 rules

>>First images of the Lister Storm LMP.  Courtesy John Brooks.
>>First image of the 2003 WR.
>>Lister Storm LMP brief update.  The Lister passed its ACO inspection on Monday and is now off to Jerez for its first shakedown.
>>First photographs of the 2003 Bentley EXP Speed 8.  From last month:  "The most obvious change is the revised air management at the nose.  Air is blown through the front suspension into the radiator intake that is now located along side the driver.  The front overhang also appears shorter.  The main vents aft of the front wheel run nearly to the top of the side pod and form an implied fender managing airflow from the diffuser and cooler leading edge area out the side of the car.  Hard to see, but the vents just aft of the front wheel are for wheel well evacuation.  Double horizontal strakes at the tail replace the single low set from last year, turbo inlet scoops in front of the rear wheel arches replace the inlet scoop in the roof, and a revised cockpit and bodywork behind the cockpit (overall tighter in appearance, the tear drop is "stepped") complement the package.  The rear bodywork has been "melted" over the rear suspension and is lower overall than last year.  The wing mount supports have been moved from a central center position out to their furthest offset.  Interestingly, the Bentley has so far not adopted the trend of full depth rear-wing endplates"
From this picture you can see the nature of the trailing edge of the cockpit, its stepped tear drop shape.  The upper section of the cockpit trails to a fin.  One of the main driving factors of the 2003 Bentley is to improve airflow to the rear wing.  The NACA ducts at the nose are for brake cooling.
Rear three-quarters.
Our sketch is spot on!  Though not to toot our horn too much, it was based on a photo after all!
>>New developments from Pillbeam.  Team Bucknum will introduce the new Pillbeam M91 at Sebring this year.  Wind tunnel developments have produced a car that is lower and longer coupled with a drag reduction of 4% and a massive downforce increase of 44%.  The lower engine cover comes complements of a new 120 degree V6 engine built by IES in England.  This new 3.4 liter power plant will produce an additional 100 hp and should put it within the range of the potent MG-AER engines.  Additional chassis modifications brings the M91 down to the 675 kg. class minimum weight. 
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