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Mulsanne's Corner NEWS isn't meant to be THE source for up to date news items.  Instead what we are doing is providing an archive for information collected through out the Net related to new car developments.  Occasionally we do post first hand gathered items, but most of the time it is news from secondary sources such as or Autosport.  We will provide all sources for any news item shown here.

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June 2003
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>>More spying on pit lane.  A better shot of the Courage's front undertray.


>>Our spies have infiltrated Le Mans scrutineering and produced these images of the Bentley and Courage.

Superb front underwing shot of the Bentley showing the multiple strakes and varying positions.
Next up, a Mulsanne's Corner favorite, the Courage C60.  This one being the Pescarolo Sport entered version and sports many updates that have been detailed in these pages the last few months.
Looking at the Courage's underwing, It is difficult to attempt to make any sort of comparison to the Bentley given the differing angle of the shot and the nature of the crop.  Regardless, one detail is different, the comparative lack of strakes in the Courage's front diffuser.

>>Andy Thorby has sent along a picture of the wind tunnel model of the advanced Aston Martin engined Nimrod NRA C3.  The NRA C3's development began in late 1982 and the Nimrod was to have been the first sports prototype with a carbon tub.  Additional technical features included an active suspension system being developed at the time by AP.  But the project never got off the ground, though manufacture of the monocoque and bodywork was nearly completed and in fact the car is currently undergoing restoration/first assembly at Phil Stott's shops in the UK.

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