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Mulsanne's Corner NEWS isn't meant to be THE source for up to date news items.  Instead what we are doing is providing an archive for information collected through out the Net related to new car developments.  Occasionally we do post first hand gathered items, but most of the time it is news from secondary sources such as or Autosport.  We will provide all sources for any news item shown here.

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May 2005
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>>I received an email this morning from Peter Kitchak of Toad Hall Racing saying that he has just purchased the Allard J2X and takes delivery of it tomorrow.  This is great news for the historic Group C and GTP scene!  Says Peter, "Our plan is to finish the car and race it in Group C Historic events. We expect to test it in mid June."  He follows up to say that tenatively the car will debut at Mount Tremblant in July followed a week later at the Brian Redman vintage event at Road America.


>>Ok, so this was tougher than it looked.  Though I was surprised at how far astray some Riley?  New Porsche LMP2?  You were on the right track if you narrowed down the time frame to late 80s (very late) to early 90s.  The big giveaway (at least to time frame) was the twin-tier rear wing as those didn't come on scene till '91.  And that should have been a clue that is wasn't a current regulation car (as twin-tier wings would be very illegal).  If anything, clearly this car doesn't have the new mandated floor spec that I've been hammering on about for now 2+ year!

Anyhow, so what is it?  Well, first things first, Jon Grams was the only person to guess right.  Kudos to Jon!  He fixated on the cockpit shape and that was really the only visual clue as the car that ended up on the track looks little like what you see here...except for the cockpit.  So what is it?  It is the Brun C91.  The C91 raced unsucessfully during the 1991 3.5 Liter Sports Car Championship and was powered by a 3.5 liter Judd V10.

>>These very interesting images of a 33% wind tunnel model arrived in our inbox a few weeks ago.  It would seem appropriate to play guess the, guess the car!  Send me your emails and I'll announce the winner at the beginning of next week.  No hints for now...

>>Note the very rudimentary bi-plane rear wing.  It is easy to overlook the bottom element as it is about at rear wheel centerline height with the upper elements being about where you'd expect it to be on a conventional car.

>>We've received multiple emails about the Porsche LMP2/Penske Racing announcement.  Yes, we're fully aware of the program.  But at this time there just is a paucity of technical details (though an avalanche of unbridled speculation--"brutally fast...and quite a different approach body wise from the norm", as an example) and therefore very little for us to comment on at this time that hasn't been disseminated from the press release on other websites.

>>The Walter Mitty Historics were held last weekend at Road Atlanta.  We were attending courtesy of Brian DeVries and Marc Noordeloos of Jade Pig Racing.  Jade Pig brought their Intrepid GTP (chassis #001).  They left Intrepid 003 at home (and their Nissan NPT-90...and their Porsche 962).
Suffice to say, we're working on an article about the Intrepid GTP. 
The last Kudzu built, chassis DLY 010.  Nearly 1/3 of the world's Mazda 4-rotor supply was circulating at this year's Mitty in the backs of Kudzu chassis' DLM-4 009 and the above. 
This is the last R&S MkIII chassis ever built.  Photographed here is chassis 021 (MkIII Series 2).  021 was sold as a skinned tub to Autoexe who purchased it to replaced their damaged chassis 019.  From what I can tell, 021 shares bits and pieces from what was left of 019 (the 1999 Le Mans car) so technically this car has Le Mans heritage.  Technically in the most oblique sense.  The Autoexe cars were heavily modified over their R&S origins and actually raced not as R&Ss but as Autoexes.
The 1988 Le Mans IMSA class winner. 
Archie Urciuoli's Porsche 956.
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