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Mulsanne's Corner NEWS isn't meant to be THE source for up to date news items.  Instead what we are doing is providing an archive for information collected through out the Net related to new car developments.  Occasionally we do post first hand gathered items, but most of the time it is news from secondary sources such as or Autosport.  We will provide all sources for any news item shown here.

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November 2005
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11.9.05* updated 11.10.05
>>News emerges that former race car driver Giovanni Lavaggi will be fielding (manufacturing and driving!) his self designed and developed Lavaggi LS1 LMP1 prototype in the 2006 LMES.   Lavaggi's credentials go beyond driving as he is also an engineer, "The idea to participate in races with a car designed and built by myself was always in me.  Since I was a little boy, the high admiration which I always felt for the real big names in the automobile world, was making me dream that I could be able to emulate them one day."  Wind tunnel development was carried out in the UK utilising a 40% wind tunnel model.  The model has seen four weeks of development time in the wind tunnel and the car's design is now well advanced with even the mandatory FIA crash test having been completed and the chassis having passed.  Few technical details are available at the time though we do know that the engine will be a large capacity (6.0 liter) V8 supplied by Pro-Motor Engines out of Mooresville, NC.  The LS1 will be using a Hewland TLS gearbox.  The car's composites are being subcontracted to, "a company which knows the business from building competitive sports prototypes and Formula 1 tubs," according to Laviggi's Director of Sport Kurt Joachim Stroth.   It is hoped that the car will be completed before the end of the year.  The LMES is obviously in the picture as noted, but Le Mans is a goal as well as select events in the ALMS and the Japanese AJSCS series.
>>Simone Recalcati caught these images of the Porsche RS Spyder testing at Monza as part of a Michelin tire test.  Simone observed the car for only a handful of laps though did note it ended the session on a flat bed trailer when it failed to come around.
Reportedly the RS set times in the 1:38 bracket
>>John Starkey informs us that he has a new book coming out called "Golden Era, The History of the Group C and IMSA GTP Races 1981 to 1992".    For more information contact John Starkey:

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