1988-1990 Nissan GTP ZX-T

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Nissan GTP ZX-T, chassis # 8805Dive planes would first be added to the GTP ZX-T at the Portland race in 1986.  Developed in the wind tunnel, they were responsible for adding an additional 440 lbs of downforce for merely 29 lbs. of drag.  But upon further investigation it was found that the flimsy looking dive planes only generated 57 lbs of downforce in their own right.  But a vortex created by the dive planes had beneficial interactions with airflow moving down the side of the car and was responsible for 87% of the downforce created by the devices.
Nissan GTP ZX-T, chassis #8805The prominent vent aft of the front wheel helped draw high pressure air away from the underfloor, increasing overall downforce and L/D. 

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