1993 Nissan P35 Story

Text copyright Michael J. Fuller

The proposed 1993 Nissan 93GTP.
Visually the 93GTP, with the lack of radiator intakes in the nose, would have been very different than the normally aspirated V12 engined P35.  Pictured here are two slight variations of the 93GTP.  The top shows the 93GTP with standard tub out of the P35.  The one on the bottom is a variation with raised front footbox area to provide  greater scope for the development of front downforce.
The turbo charger installation is very reminiscent of contemporary CART machines with it being mounted in the bellhousing.
At around the same time NPTI was designing the 93GTP, design studies were begining for a Nissan  engine and chassis entry into the CART Championship.  The CART wind tunnel studies were being carried out by NPTI's Andrew Borme.

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