2001-2002 Panoz LMP07

Images copyright Michael J. Fuller and Patrick Michl
Text copyright Michael J. Fuller

Looking at the presentation model we can get an idea of how low the cockpit center section is.  With the side fences meeting the lateral protection rule (14.2.7), Andy Thorby's group was then free to drop the cockpit center section as low as they could in order to try and reduce the overall frontal area.  The reality was that the Panoz V8's inlet trumpets were as high as the old pushrod V8's and therefore the engine frontal area was no different than the LMP1.  So while the passenger section next to the driver seemed dramatically lower, overall the LMP07's frontal area was not much different than the preceeding LMP1.  Thorby quotes a 5% reduction in frontal area for the LMP07 over the LMP1. 
The actual car is very similar to the presentation model with a few small exceptions.  The diffuser area is more practically defined and the fillets between the vertical wing supports and horizontal rear deck were eliminated.  Note that the diffuser width is different from the presentation car above and is not to the maximum width.

ęCopyright 2001, Michael J. Fuller