1999-2002 Panoz LMP-1 Roadster S

Images courtesy and copyright Bob Chapman @ Autosport Image, Greg Cooper and James Davies
Text copyright Michael J. Fuller

For 2002 Panoz introduced a subtle update to the LMP-1, the LMP-01 Evo.  With changes directed by Chris Gorne and Brian Willis (Andy Thorby having moved on), the Evo. update was exclusively directed at top side body work modifications aimed at improving aerodynamic efficiency. 
The LMP-01 Evo. is typified by the more chiseled look of the front fenders and the revised air management exiting behind the front wheels.
For 2002, the Panoz's tail was extended  to the rearward limit of the diffuser.  The wing mounting pillars were also modified by moving them in closer to the centerline of the car. 
The leading edge of the radiator intakes was brought forward.
At the 2002 Washington D.C. event, the LMP01 Evo.'s brake cooling was augmented with additional ducts in the body.

©Copyright 2002, Michael J. Fuller