2007-2009 Peugeot 908 HDi FAP

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Sebring 2008Looking at the 908's cockpit, it is difficult to ascertain how this could be a two seater.  The cockpit shape is ultimately driven by the relevant regulations, namely Art 3.3.2, 14.1.5, and 16.1.1.  At its base, the cockpit is approximately 800 mm wide if drawn to regulation minimum. 
Sebring 2008At the base of the Peugeot's windscreen are inlets for cockpit ventilation.
Sebring 2008Drivers enter and exit the 908 through what is effectively the side window.  The regulations stipulate the minimum size of the door opening as regulated by templates 5 and 6 called out under Art 14.1.5b.4.  The regulations also indicate that the templates must be able to be inserted transversely through the door opening and Peugeot accommodates this via the hinged flap seen here on the horizontal face of the side pod.  With the flap open, the template can be dropped vertically and then passed horizontally through the door opening.  In a dire emergency the entire sidepod can be removed allowing rescuers to more easily extract an injured driver.
Sebring 2008Note the traction control knob.
Sebring 2008Art 14.1.7 defines a cockpit exit time of 7 seconds minimum.  The Peugeot drivers demonstrated little issues with that stipulation.
Sebring 2008

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