2005 Pilbeam MP93

Images copyright and courtesy Michael J. Fuller
Text and images copyright Michael J. Fuller

The MP93's front splitter is quite striking in that it is very large in section thickness.  I asked Mike Pilbeam about this, "We found after many tests that the splitter shape we have adopted was more efficient than the conventional shape used by most others.  It is especially good at maintaining a constant downforce as the car attitude changes, for example, under braking, acceleration or at high speed, and this results in exceptionally consistent and predictable handling.  Interestingly, this was commented on immediately by all the drivers."
The side exits route air from the wheel well out of the car to improve downforce.  Their design is driven by regulations and instead of one single exit, are broken into two in order to meet the rules. 
The tidy rear end.  Note the louver sets over each rear wheel arch.
The mandatory side structures are integrated more so than other designs.

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