2002-2005 Zytek 04S (Reynard 02S/DBA4 03S)

Images courtesy and copyright Bob Chapman @ Autosport Image, Patrick Michl, and Michael J. Fuller
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Petit Le Mans 2002The overall cooling philosophy is very similar to the originating Lola B2K/10 with the exception that the 02S doesn't have a detached fender that allows the front diffuser air to flow down the side of the chassis.  Instead, the cooling intake grabs all the air coming from the diffuser and there is no alternate route, all the air goes to the cooler intake.  The opening in the bodywork provides for potentially cooler air to augment the air from the front diffuser heading towards the intakes.  The wheel well vents inboard into the channel leading to the cooler inlet.
Le Mans 2004The Zytek may be unique among the Reynard 02S/DBA/Zytek group in that it runs a third spring (black).  The third spring acts to stabilize the underbody by better controlling the car's attitude.
Petit Le Mans 2004A small louver is located between the fender and the tub.  It syphons off air coming from the wheel well.
Petit Le Mans 2004Looking inside the wheel well (with the wheel removed--note brake disc) you can see the louver and its relationship with the wheel well (and the mass of spinning air residing there).
Le Mans 2005At Le Mans in '05 the louver was closed off on both the Creation DBA (here) and Team Jota Zytek.
Petit Le Mans 2002The tub is part of the air licked surface top and bottom.  The leading edge of the tub bottom is sculpted to reduce resistance to the air flow coming from the front diffuser.
Petit Le Mans 2004An additional cooling outlet vent was added during the course of the car's continuing development.  This was seen at Petit '04 on the left hand side of the car just prior to the inlet in front of the rear wheel.  Note the gurney on the outlet's leading edge to help enhance cooling extraction.
Petit Le Mans 2002Brake cooling comes from the obligatory intake below the raised footbox crash structure.

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