2002-2005 Zytek 04S (Reynard 02S/DBA4 03S)

Images courtesy and copyright Dirk de Jager, Patrick Michl, and Michael J. Fuller
Text copyright Michael J. Fuller

Le Mans 2005Creation DBA 03S, Le Mans 2005.  Compare with Team Jota's Zytek below.
Le Mans 2005DBA 03S.
Le Mans 2005Team Jota Zytek 04S. Le Mans 2005.
Le Mans 2005Zytek 04S.
Petit Le Mans 2005The high downforce louver set up on the factory Zytek 04S.
Petit Le Mans 2005Who knows how long this has escaped our eyes, note the vertical gurney just ahead of the first louver (shown on the factory run Zytek 04S).  It is our understanding that the gurney works to add front downforce but for a very small drag penalty.
Spa 2003The front diffuser.
Spa 2003In max, or near max, downforce trim at Spa 2003, note the large diveplane and full set of louvers.

ęCopyright 2005 Michael J. Fuller