2002-2005 Zytek 04S (Reynard 02S/DBA4 03S)

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Le Mans 2005Team Creation has further evolved the DBA's rear wing with the help of Kieron Salter and KW Motorsport Ltd.
Le Mans 2005As the DBA is running to LMP675 handicap regulations (reduced span rear wing, increased weight, smaller inlet restrictor diameter, smaller fuel tank), a premium is put on aero efficiency.  The new rear wing endplate was developed in MIRA's full scale wind tunnel.
Le Mans 2005The amount of adjustment available is evident.  The main plane is running at a relatively high nose-up angle in order to maintain low-drag.
Le Mans 2005Creation's Ian Bickerton indicated that the rear wing was still in "sprint" position and not in the 50 mm lower Le Mans spec.  The DBA topped 194.8 mph in the race, 192.2 mph in practice. 
Le Mans 2005Team Jota has also been busy working on improvements to their rear wing.  In conjunction with team sponsor QinetiQ, a commercial off shoot of the Ministry of Defense's Royal Aircraft Establishment (UK's version of NASA), CFD studies were undertaken to optimize the rear wing using QinetiQ's CODAS CFD software (the same software used in development of the Airbus A380 and various Lockheed and Boeing aerospace projects).  Maintaining the same rear wing main plane and secondary flap profiles, the CODAS software was able to suggest the optimum relationship between the rear wing mainplane and flap, reducing the flap's angle-of-attack and pivot point relative to the mainplane as well as better positioning the main plane for optimum performance.  The result was the reduction of the stagnation point on the leading edge of the mainplane as well as reduced flow separations at the trailing edge.  The practical application was that the team saw top speeds increase from 178.5 mph to 191.0 mph in testing.

Top speed achieved at Le Mans for the Team Jota Zytek was 190.3 mph in the race, 188.5 mph in practice. 

Petit Le Mans 2005Zytek Engineering's appearance at the Mid-Ohio, Petit Le Mans, and Laguna Seca ALMS round allowed us to have a look at and their rear wing set-up.
Petit Le Mans 2005Vertical gurney detail on the Zytek's rear wing endplate.

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