2001 Snobeck LM 01

Images courtesy Snobeck Engineering
Text copyright Michael J. Fuller
A very neat chassis was unveiled over Le Mans weekend 2000 by a little known French firm, the Snobeck LM 01.  Their goal was to run at Le Mans in 2001.  The car was being designed to accept the Peugeot twin turbo V6 (LMP900) and a single turbo I4 (LMP675) engine.
The wind tunnel/presentation model has some minor differences.  The main being the open inside face of the front fenders.
Very low and very lean, the side pods are some of the lowest around.  Very low frontal area is an obvious design consideration. The ACO announced rules stability for 2001, so the Snobeck LM 01 had the prerequisite single roll hoop.  At the front,  radiator intakes feed coolers left and right of the monocoque.  The coolers exhaust immediately out the side pod front.  The nose box is raised and results in the F1-esque nose at the front.  This frees up splitter area and provides for less obstructed flow to the engine coolers. 
The raised footbox is a necessity to provide enough volume for the coolers.  Note the image here, and the one below.  At right is the V6 twin turbo Peugeot engine, below, the 4 cylinder LMP675 Snobeck prepared engine.
The cooling arrangement is somewhat cluttered.  The water coolers get the main focus of the cooling air and exhaust it immediately out the front of the sidepods, the air being ducted in under the coolant pipe for the radiator in front of it.  The intercooler takes the air that is coming down the side of the tubs (note the sculpting in the tub to provide a channel for the air flow).
The wing is at maximum height.  The rear engine deck height is also extraordinarily low.
ęCopyright 2002, Michael J. Fuller