1999 Mazda Kudzu DLY
Images courtesy and copyright of Tim Crete 1999
Text copyright Michael J. Fuller

Back to back spread showing the developments since Sebring '99 (top image in each case).

4.16.99:  Tim Crete passed on to me today that the longtail will not be raced this weekend simply because it is the only one of its kind,  no molds having been taken off of it yet.  Rather than risk it, they will revert to the shortail seen at PLM last year.  The longtail has promise though.  According the Kudzu guys, Jim Downing has been able to catch the Panoz at the end of the straight, although loosing time at other parts of the track.   Seems the heavy weight of the longtail (it being a one-off carbon part) might be effecting the polar moments and therefore slowing them down in the turns (the heavier load, acting across a longer distance, effects the chassis balance).  Once molds can be made from the longtail, a much lighter part can be fabricated. 

ęCopyright 1999, Michael J. Fuller
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