2001-2004 Lola B01/60 (MG EX257)

Images copyright and courtesy Greg Cooper, Patrick Michl, Jeff Nagle and Michael J. Fuller
Text copyright Michael J. Fuller

As pointed out before on the Lola B2K/40, the MG utilizes a duct in front of the rear wheels to pull air into the base area of the car to reduce drag.  The MG continues the low drag theme with the low slung rear wing that acts to improve extraction of the rear underbody diffuser.
The floor area just aft of the front wheel fender is 3-D in cross section.  This might serve to increase the air flow velocity locally to encourage further extraction from the front nose diffuser. 
The 3D section peaks in height at about the end-point of the pontoon fender trailing edge.
Dyson Racing's 2003 developments include a modification to the trailing edge of the pontoon fender.  The trailing edge is aimed more outboard and is lengthened.  This detail change works by creating a pressure differential that further draws the exit airflow of the front diffuser.
The Lola B2K/10 had a similar modification.
The trailing edge modification is simply a bolt-on bit.

ęCopyright 2004, Michael J. Fuller