2003 WR LM2003

Images copyright Alan Lis and Juha Kivekas and Franz Terrien
Text copyright Michael J. Fuller

The LM2003 retained the LM2001's pull-rod front suspension as they share the same tub.
Note the length of the leading edge of the underfloor and also the boat prow shape of the bottom of the leading edge of the monocoque.  The underfloor leading edge is unique in that it is not full width, comes well forward of the front wheel centerline, and has a distinctive taper.
The front diffuser exit is quite expansive.
The sidepod bodywork coke bottles into the centerline of the car forming the inside face of a duct.  As on the Lola B2K/40, the idea is to draw air in to fill in the base area at the rear of the car.  The brake intakes draw their cooling air from within the channel.
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