2002 Cadillac Northstar LMP02

Images copyright and courtesy Greg Cooper and Loren Lins
Text copyright Michael J. Fuller

Nigel Stroud overlooks his creation.
The Cadillac follows the current trend of the raised footbox, front diffuser, brake ducts located in space below crash the structure.  The splitter's leading edge is modular, for the highdownforce splitter (Mosport-below), a section is added that increases the length. Lorens Lin 2002
Cadillac has placed a cover over the inlet of the cooling duct, where as on equivalent cars such as the Audi, the channel to the cooler duct in the side pod is un-capped.  This has appeared to some extent on the Lola B2K/10.
The springs are mounted vertically to help lower the center of gravity.  Conventionally the springs are mounted horizontally on top of the tub.  The quick release crash structure helps expedite changes to the front suspension.

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