2001-2005 Dallara LMP

Images copyright and courtesy Bob Chapman, Greg Cooper, Juha Kivekas and Michael J. Fuller
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Sebring 2002The Dallara's front end aerodynamics architecture is heavily influenced by the Lola B2K/10, but evolving the concept even further.  The front wheel arch is vented by the ACO mandatory louvers that are located on top of the arch (not seen, on forward portion of arch, removed) but also via vents outboard.
Le Mans 2002At Le Mans 2002 the Dallara sported an elongated and angled trailing edge shape for the fender pontoon.
Sebring 2002The pontoon also vents inboard, into the channel between the tub and the pontoon (note where the stay comes into the wheel well).
Sebring 2002Note that the inboard vent is larger than the outboard vent.
Le Mans 2002At Le Mans 2002 the Oreca Dallara Judd had filled in the outboard wheel arch vent.
Le Mans 2005Looking outboard at the inboard facing surface of the pontoon fender.  Good view of the floor cross section and its profile, which is similar in ideology to the Lola B01/60
Sebring 2005The Dallara's cooling is partially reliant on exhaust flow from the front nose diffuser.  That in turn makes the car 's cooling ride height dependent, especially in high ambient temperature conditions.

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