2005 Dome S101 hb Hybrid

Images courtesy and copyright Bob Chapman @ Autosport Image and Michael J. Fuller
Text copyright Michael J. Fuller

Le Mans 2005The Hybrid's splitter is thick sectioned as similar to the Pilbeam MP93...
Le Mans 2005The leading edge shape is relatively aggressive (though again similar to the Pilbeam) compared to the near planar sections common on LMP900s.  Note the inboard raised section.
Le Mans 2005The very small dive planes (LMP900 Dome S101 dive plane below) serve to help improve the car's aerodynamic balance.
Le Mans 2005The shutters at the exit of the wheel well and front diffuser fulfill a rules compliance function.  The duct on the right cools the brakes.

©Copyright 2005, Michael J. Fuller