1992 March 92S

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March 92S concept modelPresented May 17, 1991, at the Silverstone circuit, the 92S was to be March's standard bearer for their re-entrance into the 3.5 liter Sports Car World Championship.  "When we assessed the sportscar market's needs we realized that the task was to fill the void left by Porsche and that most sportscar teams require a complete turn-key package.  What is needed is a whole car, not a chassis and engine separately", David Reeves, Managing Director of March Engineering.  March intended to initially build 8 chassis for sale with testing to begin in the Fall of '91.  European and Japanese customers were anticipated.
March 92S concept modelThe car was first presented to the public via this presentation model.  Note that it is only half represented (the split line is down the middle) and that the model was photographed against a mirror for these images.  Andy Thorby had been recruited from Toyota and the presentation model was his design.  But Nick Wirth's Simtek group was brought in as a consultant and took over the car's initial wind tunnel studies.  According to David Reeves on the car's presentation day, "What you see here is the concept model which was part of the design brief given to Simtek.  Of course the final 92S design is being refined and refined and I have no doubt that the prototype will only bear a passing resemblance to the concept model."
March 92S wind tunnel modelWirth appears to have discarded all of the work done by Thorby and it can be argued that this toe-in-the-water wind tunnel model is decidedly less mature than the concept model.  Customers for the 92S never materialized and March went out of business with Simtek following suit. The model was purchased from the auction of the Simtek properties upon that organization's liquidation.
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1992 March 92S Specifications
Layout: Mid-engine, rear-wheel drive
Monocoque: Carbon fiber and aluminum honeycomb monocoque
Engine: Judd GV V10, normally aspirated, 72 degree cylinder angle, 4 valves per cylinder
Displacement: 3497 cc
Horsepower: 650 hp @ 12250 rpm
Gearbox: Three-shaft six speed and reverse.  Cast magnesium gearbox case of large cross-section for maximum stiffness.  Gearbox weight, 55 kgs.
Suspension: Double wishbones, front and rear pushrods to allow for maximum aerodynamic efficiency of body and underbody
Brakes: Latest specification carbon-carbon
Length: 4800 mm
Width: 2000 mm
Height: 1080 mm
Wheelbase: 2920 mm
Track (f/r): 1630 mm/1590 mm
Weight: 725 kgs. dry
Tank capacity: 100 liters
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