2001-2004 Riley & Scott MkIIIC

Images copyright and courtesy Patrick Michl
Text copyright Michael J. Fuller

Following Audi and Courage's lead, the MkIIIC showed up at the 2002 Miami and Petit rounds sporting deep endplates.  R&S has taken a slightly more aggressive reading of the rule in that the extension coming up from the bodywork actually overlaps the wing endplate.
Clearly what little gap there is will shrink when at speed as the extension is sucked in towards the endplate, effectively making for a deep, one-piece, wing endplate.
The deep endplates are aerodynamic pay dirt.  The MkIIIC was able to run the shorter chord, low-drag and downforce "Le Mans" wing for equal downforce and less drag to the standard high-downforce small endplate wing.
ęCopyright 2001, Michael J. Fuller