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Mulsanne's Corner NEWS isn't meant to be THE source for up to date news items.  Instead what we are doing is providing an archive for information collected through out the Net related to new car developments.  Occasionally we do post first hand gathered items, but most of the time it is news from secondary sources such as or Autosport.  We will provide all sources for any news item shown here.

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April 2003
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>>This is turning into Courage month with all news relating to the new developments on the C60!  More images from David Legangneux showing a new exit duct on the Courage Competition C60's side pod.  Note the revised front end diffuser air management too.

Taking a cue from contemporary F1 thinking, the actual benefit is any one's guess.

>>Once again, David Legangneux provides these images of the Pescarolo Courage C60 Evo. in its new color scheme.

A close up of the rear wing shows the new wing endplate interpretation that was detailed on 4.15.03
Image copyright John Brooks4.15.03
>>The Courage C60 Evo. is sporting some additional developments not detailed in their Le Mans testing two weekends ago.  These were spotted at the FIASCC event at Estoril over the weekend where the Courage C60 Evo. qualified first and subsequently won the event.  the Courage has a new front fender detail.  Looking much like the Cadillac LMP02 high downforce front bodywork, the fender on the Courage has been similarly trimmed back to provide space for front dive planes (fender image copyright John Brooks).
The C60 had extremely large rear wing endplates at Estoril.  They've taken the Audi and Riley & Scott interpretations one step further.  On the Audi R8s, the bodywork extension comes up to, but doesn't quite touch the postage-stamp sized (40 cm x 15 cm)  wing endplate.  On the MkIIIC, there is a very slight overlap between the small legal endplate and the large endplate.  Its important to note that on both the Audi and R&S, the bodywork extensions have only been 40 cm (horizontally) long, matching the length of the legal endplates.  Cortanze has simply created an endplate as large as he needed and overlapped it completely over the small legal endplate.  That the two pieces of bodywork presumably touch is immaterial as they are separate bodywork in and of themselves. 
>>Bentley has recently been busy testing at Snetterton.  Rumors are surfacing of new 'Audi-style' rear wing endplates being developed.
>>David Legangneux provides these images from Courage testing over the weekend.
The revised front end air management of the 2003 Courage C60 Evo.
>>David Legangneux reports on Courage testing from the Bugatti circuit:

"Pescarolo Sport was present on the Bugatti circuit today, with their latest evolution of the green C60 : it now shows an [front diffuser] air exhaust on both sides, like the 2001 & 2002 Audis (and Bentleys).

The C60 was nearly fully green, with only ATS (lifts) and LMS (the professional school Le Mans Sud). 2003 partners will be presented at the end of the month at Magny-Cours when an endurance test is scheduled on 22 & 23 april.

Talking with Henri Pescarolo, I've learned that their new bodywork will be lighter (30 kg less) thanks to their new partner, the European Space Agency.  It will be made with a different material.

There was also a new part on the front of the car, under the bodywork.

It was not the only Courage on the Bugatti circuit today. There was also the "second" Courage C65, running today for the first time with the JPX-IES engine. Yves Courage was happy with how went the day, despite a little technical problem that forced them to short the stints during the second part of the day. Cochet has driven the car at the beginning. Then it was Eyckmans. I didn't know this driver... Yves Courage told me that he has driven in F3000 and Indycar...

It was forbidden to take a picture of the engine! Even if everyone has already seen at Sebring... And the pit was often fully closed between the stints ! It's nearly the first time I see this here... It seems it's because of Mecachrome, that is now a partner of JPX...

The "second" C65 (in fact, it's the first one built) was painted in blue, the same blue than for the # 13 at 1999 LM.

I've learn that during the morning, the old WR was also present on the circuit, but Yojiro Terada seems to have crashed it on cold tires, badly enough to stop the test. The new WR should arrive tomorrow.

Detailed photos of the new evolution of the new green C60 and some track shots of the C65 on Monday."

>>Legangneux adds that the rear wing spied in testing is nothing new, Courage already having run it in the FIASCC Spa event last season (bottom image).

>>Many are aware that I've recently been researching material for articles on the Allard J2X and Nissan P35.  The Allard piece is coming along after having been moved to the back burner in favor of the Nissan P35 article.  As a teaser, here are two never before published images:
Allard J2X chassis #001.
Nissan P35 tub, chassis 003.
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