2006-2009 Lola LMP1

Images copyright Pat Michl, Martin Spetz, and Michael J. Fuller
Text copyright Michael J. Fuller

Mid-Ohio 2006The B06/10 louvers are flush mounted to the fender
Mid-Ohio 2006At Houston a gurney appeared mounted to the very leading edge of the louver panel.  It is understood that this results in increased downforce for slightly more drag.  How this gurney functions is a matter of speculation, but a good guess would be that the gurney's low pressure wake enhances the louver's function by creating additional low pressure to encourage the flow of air from within the wheel well.  See a similar application on the Zytek 04S.
Sebring 2006The valence panel that connects the pontoon fender to the tub has an "Omega" shape to it and differs from the initial flat B05/40 offering.
Sebring 2006This valance panel is also part of an update kit for the B05/40 suggesting that it is more about efficiency than absolute downforce.  Though it does scream for a gurney on its trailing edge, eh Julian?

ęCopyright 2006, Michael J. Fuller